I am available for advanced technical consultations. Email: gtroblq@gmail.com

Playing tennis with a grapefruit sounds dumb but the world of online guitar instruction is even dumber. Some people end up in cults while others simply wander from one frustration to the next until they admit defeat. The few who stick with it often seek answers from talented players who cannot teach (they literally do not know what they are doing, they just do it) or pass on bad advice that can only be mitigated by expenditures of time and energy that most non-professional players don't have at their disposal.

Think about it like this: imagine 'good' technique as a circle and 'bad' technique as a straight line. The only way to emulate the good circle with a bad straight line is to multiply it by 20 and form an Icosagon that looks like a circle if you step back far enough from it and maybe squint your eyes a little. A lot of good players overcome bad technique by building in a lot of other bad techniques (for a total of 20 straight lines, if you will) that they manage to keep welded together through 40+ hours of play and practice every week.

But you don't have that kind of time to practice so the hunt is on for silver bullets, tricks, and secrets.

The bad news is also the good news: the secret to guitar technique is that there is no secret.

Learn proper technique and put in as much time as you can.

I learned how to pick by some old pipe-smoking dude with slicked-back hair wearing a suit and tie. He was as square as a Rubik's Cube but he knew what he was doing. Guitar education went sideways with the proliferation of stay-at-home video lessons in the 80s and 90s and then it went completely bonkers after YouTube destroyed all reason and sanity.

I do not provide conventional 'guitar lessons' (I do not teach basics) but, rather, I specialize in troubleshooting flawed picking mechanics and bad guitar technique in general through video analysis and brief face-to-face web-based interactions (e.g., Skype and FaceTime).

One caveat: I only consult for intermediate or advanced players who have immersed themselves in the free material I have already published on my site. Read the book first, or at least the parts of it that are interesting to you (e.g., the alternate picking section) then contact me.

The book is available for free in my FaceBook group or you can obtain it directly by following the link below. There's a fair chance you can sort out your own technical problems by simply absorbing the material I've already provided, no strings attached.

If you have little questions I am happy to answer them via email and for those who want to have a discussion, video consultation is fun (one hour for new clients and typically 30-minute follow-ups for those without preexisting conditions).

Can you afford my services? Yes. I'm a retired college professor, not an entrepreneur or businessman. Email me for details. Most of what I do is free, but when I do charge for my time, clients are usually surprised by how low my rates are.

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