April 2022: Our F-book group has been archived and I am relying solely on my Twitter account from now on for all future notifications:

September 2021: PPControl has been updated to version 9.2

August 2021: The 9th Ed. of Precision Plectrum Control is now available for free on our Book page.

June 2021: The lads at the "Wood, Air, Metal" podcast explore The Spectacle with IE

Also on YouTube! Embrace the Spectacle

May 2021: Presenting GtrOblq Radio on YouTube where you can listen to the music of some of our members. Let's find disappointment together!

March 2021: The 8th edition of PP Control is now available. See the 'Book' page for a link or drop into our F-Book group.

March 2021: The lads at 'Wood, Air, Metal' podcast discuss how I destroyed their dreams of middle-class economic security.